Private David W. Payne Camp #1633

A "Sons of Confederate Veterans" Camp at Blairsville, Georgia

Private David W. Payne Camp #1633, P.O.B. 2212, Blairsville, Union County, Ga. 30514 Contact us!

Above photo taken at Union County War Memorial,
Confederate Memorial Day, Blairsville, Georgia

Playing "March of the Sons of Confederate Veterans"
to the tune of "Men of Harlech"

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The Pvt. David W. Payne Camp #1633
Sons of Confederate Veterans

meets the 2nd Thursday of each Month, 7:00 p.m.
in the community room of the United Community Bank
on GA 515, Blairsville, Georgia

Private David W. Payne Camp #1633
P.O.B. 2212, Blairsville, Union County, Ga. 30514

As always the Public is cordially invited to attend any and all events!

Sons of Confederate Veterans 
A Historical Preservation Society Founded in 1896
 Do You Have a Confederate Ancestor?
You May Qualify to Become a Member!

Contact: Harold Levi

Ph: 706-745-5243

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There are more Confederate dead listed on the Union County War Memorial than the dead of all of the other wars added together.

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He is wearing what appears a home made “dog tag”.

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William Addington, 23rd G.V.I.R.

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Benjamin N. Chastain, Smith’s Legion /
6th Georgia Cavalry

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James Howard Huggins
Colonel commanding, 23rd G.V.I.R.
formerly Captain of “Young Cane Volunters”
Signatory Georgia Ordinance of Secession

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Francis Marion Byers, 39th N.C.V.I.R.

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Quillian F. Reece, Smith’s Legion /
6th Georgia Cavalry

The only six known contemporary depictions of a Union County, Georgia soldier in uniform.

The only four known contemporary photos of a Union County, Georgia soldier in Union or Confederate uniform. If you know of another Union County Civil War (Union or Confederate) soldier’s photo or a better photo of one of these men or information about them, please contact us here!



The Private David W. Payne Camp is part of the 2nd Brigade, "The Blue Ridge Brigade," Georgia Division, Army of Tennessee, Sons of Confederate Veterans. Camp #1633 was chartered in 1993. The chartering ceremony was held at Pleasant Hill Church in Union County, Georgia where David Payne is buried. David is buried next to his brother and fellow soldier John Payne and their wives in Pleasant Hill's cemetery.


Our activities have included but not limited to the following:
1. Participation in the construction of the Union County War Memorial honoring all Union County war deaths. More Confederate War Dead are listed on the monument than all the dead of all the other wars added together.
2. Annual Confederate Memorial Day Services.
3. Grave Markers installations and Memorial Services
4. Almost 400 Confederate Battle Flags are placed on the individual graves of local Confederate Veterans each Confederate Memorial Day.
5. The camp in conjunction with the local government flies the 1956 Georgia State Flag of at the Union County Court House each April as part of Confederate History Month.
6. Participation in all local parades including the Sorghum Festival Parade and the Memorial Day Parade.
7. The camp worked to save, move and restore the cabin of John Payne, David’s Brother. this cabin was given to the Union County Historical Society where it forms a focal point for their Heritage Center.
8. The camp participates with the Union County Historical Society to present Special Lectures, Living Histories and W.B.T.S. information.
9. The camp coordinates and cooperates with other community, reenacting and living history groups.
1o. A monthly newsletter, the “Mountain Muster.”
11. A camp Web Site with local W.B.T.S.content.
12. Monthly meetings with guest lecturers. Camp #1633 holds our meetings the second Thursday of each month at the Union County Library in Blairsville.

Of course, we remember as Sons of Confederate Veterans that it is our “duty to see that the true history of the South is presented to future generations.”

Commander - Harold Levi
Lt. Commander - Mike Pettus
Adjutant - Russell Shreeve
Treasurer - Pete White
Chaplain - Ed Massengale

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