Private David W. Payne Camp #1633

A "Sons of Confederate Veterans" Camp at Blairsville, Georgia

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Local "Civil War Cave" Uncovered

In 1862, George Henry Plott enlisted in the Confederate Smith’s Legion which became Co. B, 6th Georgia Volunteer Calvary Regiment. He left behind his wife of four years, Elizabeth Bryson Plott, to tend the family farm. Elizabeth decided to safeguard the family’s resources. She and the children removed the floor boards from the corn crib, dug down 15 feet, and and then dug a long horizontal cave. Here she hid food, goods and other family valuables. She then put the wood floor back in the corn crib and covered it with some corn. Later covered up, the cave has been reopened by Elizabeth’s great grandson, Odell Plott. A new cut into the hillside exposes the horizontal cave.

Go east from Blairsville, Georgia on U.S. 76 into Towns County. Before entering Young Harris, turn right onto Plott Town Rd.
The cut and cave entrance may seen from the road, a few hundred yards down the road and on the left about a hundred yards off Plott Town Rd. The entrance is surrounded by a rock wall and is to the left of the picnic pavilion.

George Plott survived the war and is buried with his wife in Old Union Baptist Church Cemetery.

October 13, 2005