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A "Sons of Confederate Veterans" Camp at Blairsville, Georgia

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Commanders from Union County, Georgia

The following men served the South as Regimental or Battalion Commanders. There were no Federal Commanders from Union County.


William P. Barclay
Colonel commanding, 23rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Killed In Action, leading his men at Sharpsburg (Antietam) on the bloodiest day of the war. Two younger brothers was Elihu S. Barclay and Hugh W. Barclay, see below. His youngest brother Julius Barclay was Captain of Co G, 52nd G.V.I.R. and was Killed In Action at the Battle of Atlanta. Burial: probably among the unknown dead from Antietam

James Howard Huggins
Colonel commanding, 23rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Wounded at Sharpsburg when he was a captain. Captured at Chancellorsville, P.O.W. at Fort Delaware, exchanged, Previously, Signatory Georgia Ordinance of Secession, State Representative before and during the war. Burial: Athens, Georgia

Elihu S. “Sandy” Barclay
Lt Colonel commanding, Infantry Battalion, Phillip’s Legion, as a major was severely wounded and captured at the Battle of South Mountain, P.O.W. at Fort Delaware, exchanged. Effects of his wounds forced him to drop out of the Gettysburg Campaign. State Representative during the war. Burial: St Andrews Cemetery, Darien, Ga

Hugh Barclay
Hugh W. Barclay was elected Major of the 30th Ga. Battalion. Barclay was formerly of the 23rd Ga. He had been captured at Chancellorsville, imprisoned at Ft. Delaware and exchanged at City Point. The 11th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment was organized near Athens, Ga. in November of 1864. It was created from the newly formed 30th Georgia Cavalry Battalion and 4 independent companies. H. W. Barclay of the 30th became Lt. Colonel, later commanded the 11th Ga.
Burial: Austin, Texas

John Simpson Fain
State Representative (before and after the Civil War); Elected Captain, Co. G 1st Georgia Regulars, Feb. 1, 1861., resigned Sept. 11, 1861; Elected Captain of Co. K, 8th Regt. Ga. Inf., State Troops, Nov. 7, 1861, Lieutenant Colonel Dec. 14, 1861, mustered out at Savannah, Ga., May 1862; Elected Lieutenant Colonel of Inf. Battn., Smith's Legion, Ga. Vols., May 24, 1862; Transferred to the 65th Regt. Ga. Inf., Mar. 1863 (formed in part from Smith’s Legion) elected Colonel Mar. 9, 1863. Resigned because of erysipelas of the face and scalp and neuralgia, June 20, 1863. for much more on Fain!
Burial: Midway Cemetery, Tyler, Texas

Benjamin Ledford
Benjamin Ledford, late of the 6th G.V. C.R., . organized this regiment after being wounded at Chickamauga. This regiment was gathered from men in the mountains including North Carolina. Veterans from other regiments formed the nucleus of this unit. Burial: Friendship Church Cemetery, Suite (Hayesville), N.C.

Dr. Andrew Young
Lt. Colonel commanding, 30th Ga. Cavalry Battalion, Colonel commanding 11th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment. Young was a physician/surgeon. Burial: Austin, Texas


Joseph Emerson Brown
Commander Georgia State Troops and Governor of Georgia. Burial: Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia

Carlton J. Wellborn
Commissary General for Georgia State Troops. Son of J.P. Wellborn, one of Union County’s Secession Delegates.
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Burial: unknown

John M. Brown
Lt. Colonel commanding, First Regiment Georgia State Line. Originally in 23rd G.V.I.R., P.O.W. exchanged, wounded at Kennesaw, mortally wounded at Atlanta. Younger brother of Governor Brown. Burial: Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia

Thomas Jefferson Haralson
Colonel commanding, Local Defense Forces. Burial: Old Blairsville City Cemetery, Blairsville, Georgia

Not all of these men were born in Union County. Those who were not born here, moved into Union County with their families after the Cherokee Removal. Dispersal was far and wide by time of their deaths.