Private David W. Payne Camp #1633

A "Sons of Confederate Veterans" Camp at Blairsville, Georgia

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John Payne Cabin, 1861
at the Union County Historical Society's
Mountain Life Museum

Before the War Between the States, John Payne married Lousia Frady. The cabin was built in the Young Cane District by John and his brothers for John’s new family in 1860-61. It was built for John’s new wife, Louisa, and their eventual seven children.

John enlisted in the Confederate Smith’s Legion, later the 6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Co. B. He served as a blacksmith. John was sent home to Union County on sick furlough in 1864. He was surrendered with the Georgia Militia at Kingston in 1865. His original Parole still exists. One of his brothers and two of his wife’s brothers died fighting for the Confederacy. He helped found Pleasant Hill Church. He supervised roads in Union County. At his funeral, John was honored by the Captain T. J. Butt Camp, United Confederate Veterans. He is buried at Pleasant Hill church next to his brother David and their wives.

The cabin was bought, moved and reassembled by Payne family descendants, members of the Private David W. Payne Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans, and others. The original floor was puncheons. All of the replacement logs and shakes are from land once belonging to John Payne.

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