Private David W. Payne Camp #1633

A "Sons of Confederate Veterans" Camp at Blairsville, Georgia

Private David W. Payne Camp #1633, P.O.B. 2212, Blairsville, Union County, Ga. 30514 Contact us!
Headquarters 1st Regt Partizan Rangers,
Blairsville Union County, Georgia
May 5th, 1862

I have been authorized by the Secretary of War to
raise a Regiment of


For three years or the war. The non-commissioned officers, musicians and privates will receive a bounty of Fifty Dollars each, and are entitled to the same pay and organization as the other troops.

Men of the Mountains! The same sanguinary and re-lentless foe who is visiting the cities and seaports of the Confederate States with fire, sword and devastation, is now approaching with slow but measured tread your own mountain begirted homes. Can you supinely await longer their approach? Nay: up, up, my Countrymen, and to arms!

Three hundred Spartans, fighting for the sanctity of home and fireside, dared meet, in mortal combat, the armed millions of a Persian despot. Is home, country and liberty less dear to you than to them, and the men of 1776? If nay, then let us in the hour of our country and freedom’s peril, rally to their standard, and swear to make each pass in the grand bulwark of mountains which God has upheaved around our homes, a Thermopylae in which the heroic deeds of the noble Spartans shall be emulated.

We can defend our country, repel the foe, and transmit the priceless heritage of freedom to our children if we will. Failing we can but die. Death is such a struggle is glory. Submission to the Federal tyrant is infamy and slavery.

Parties wishing to form a portion of my Regiment, will address me at Blairsville, Union County, Georgia.


This is a copy of an original recruiting poster.

An identical poster exists except it names the adjoining county of Fannin and it's county seat of Morganton.

Three Hundred Spartans at Thermoplyae
Note the upside down V on the Spartans shields.
The U.S. army still uses the upside down
V on their vehicles.