Private David W. Payne Camp #1633

A "Sons of Confederate Veterans" Camp at Blairsville, Georgia

Private David W. Payne Camp #1633, P.O.B. 2212, Blairsville, Union County, Ga. 30514 Contact us!

Raised for the Confederacy
for Union County, Georgia

No Federal regiments nor companies were raised from Union County.

Commanded by a Union County Officer*
(Lt. Colonel or Colonel)

Militia and Home Guard
There were eleven Militia Districts in Union County.


Union Invincibles
Capt. Patterson’s Company
The "Union Invincibles" and other State’s Rights volunteer military units were formed as the drums of war beat louder just prior to the war. Our "Union Invincibles" should not be confused with the 1861 "Union Invincibles" organized later in Pennsylvania.


Phillip’s Legion *
The Legion was organized on June 11, 1861. As Phillip’s Legion was one of the earliest units formed, many Union County men joined in other counties, particularly in Habersham County.

23rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment *
Company B, "Choestoe Guards" was formed from Union County men. Company K, "Young Cane Volunteers" was formed from men from Union County. David Payne was in this regiment.

24th Georgia Vol.unteer Infantry Regiment
The 24th was organized in the summer of 1861. Many men were from Union, Towns and White Counties.

8th Regiment Georgia State Troops *
Many Union County men went on to other regiments from the 8th.

8th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Some men joined Company F and K.

29th North Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Some men enlisted in this North Carolina unit.

39th North Carolina Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Some men enlisted in this North Carolina unit.


Partizan Rangers / Smith’s Legion *
Beginning as the First Georgia Partizan[sic] Rangers, this unit's name was changed to Smith's Legion, Georgia Partizan Rangers. The unit consisted of a Cavalry Battalion and an Infantry Battalion. For more detailed info please go here

52nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company G, "Alleghany [sic] Rangers" was formed from Union County men. Company H, B & E also had Union County men in it. It was commanded by Colonel Wier Boyd of Dahlonega, Georgia


6th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
The Cavalry Battalion of Smith's Legion and four other companies were designated in 1863 as the 6th. Companies B, D, F and I was raised in Union County as "Blood Mountain Tigers."

65th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment *
Smith’s Legion Infantry Battn. and 4 independent companies were united to become the 65th. Many Union County enlisted in Co. G.

1st Regiment Georgia State Line *
The State Line was Georgia’s “regulars” and was under the direct command of Governor Brown. Union County men were transferred to this regiment.

Local Defense Troops, Georgia Guards *
"Anderson's Guards," Infantry and "Alleghany Troopers," Cavalry were organized in Union County.


Ledford’s Cavalry Regiment *
Benjamin Ledford organized this regiment. Veterans from other regiments formed the nucleus of this unit.

30th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry *
The 30th was organized with 6 companies including the "Allegheny Troopers."

11th Georgia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment *
The 11th was created from the newly formed 30th Battalion and 4 independent companies. The 11th Cavalry Regiment was organized near Athens, Georgia, on November 14, 1864. The regiment was created by consolidating the newly formed 30th Georgia Cavalry Battalion and four independent cavalry companies raised under the authority of the War Department where the conscript act could not be enforced. The majority of the men were from the Athens and Macon areas of Georgia. The unit was assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and served in M. W. Hannon’s and R. H. Anderson’s Brigade. It fought at Savannah, but many of the men were captured. In February, 1865, only 90 effectives were present and in April most of these were captured at Macon. Colonel Andrew Young, Lieutenant Colonel H. W. Barclay, and Major Madison Bell were it’s commanders.

Engineer Regiments
In August 1864, David Payne and others was transferred as “artificers” to the 2nd Engineer Regt., Company G. The First and Second Engineer Regiments were handpicked regular army units in the Army of Northern Virginia. Later, David Payne was attached to the First Engineer Regiment.

Most Union County men enlisted in these regiments. Some Union County men enlisted in other regiments. Some Union County men went to Tennessee and enlisted in the Federal Army. But overwhelmingly the men of Union County fought for their homes, Georgia and the Confederacy.